When it comes to airconditioners… you need to know what to look for
Get the right size air conditioner for your application.

When buying an air conditioner, it’s very important to seek expert advice. At Coral Coast Airconditioning we will devote the time and effort to ensure you choose the right air conditioner for your individual needs.

Noise level considerations – It’s very important to consider the noise level of an air conditioner whether it is inside or outside. Noise level should be minimal so that the indoor and outdoor unit doesn’t disturb anyone.

Certified operation in extremes – When climatic conditions are extreme, either at their coldest or at their hottest, that’s when you need your air conditioner the most.

Energy efficiency – Daikin’s advanced and innovative technology ensures your air conditioner is one of the most energy efficient units available. Coral Coast Airconditioning will ensure you choose the most energy efficient air conditioner for your individual needs.

So, when it’s cold, you’re warm and when it’s uncomfortably hot, you’re comfortably cool. Inverter models are very reliable even when temperatures are extreme. A Daikin Air Conditioner is certified to operate when temperatures soar as high as 46°C (cooling) or fall as low as minus 10°C (heating).

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We can help you with expert services in the following areas:
Coral Coast Airconditioning and Refrigeration specialise in any residential and commercial installations, repairs and maintenance work. We specialise in commercial fit out to any new or existing building project.
Refrigeration is paramount. Resorts, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, sports clubs and more… you need to consider the successful operation of keeping your items cold thanks to Coral Coast AC and Refrigeration.
Coral Coast Airconditioning and refrigeration have National Asthma Foundation approved air-con systems. We can supply for your home, Split, Multi Head, Ducted or Solar Systems in varied designs.
We offer free design and drawing services. Coral Coast Airconditioning supply only the best and most innovative plant and equipment designed to save energy and maintenance costs.
Coral Coast Airconditioning can provide a complete preventative maintenance program for all ongoing maintenance in commercial refrigeration and airconditioning along with all your residential HVAC needs.
You can trust Coral Coast Airconditioning with your installation work whether it be residential airconditioning or installation of a large Chiller Plant. View our list of installations and previous projects.

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