Utilising the very latest technology we will install an effective and affordable Airconditioning system, designed to keep your home or business cool during our hot summer season

At Coral Coast Airconditioning our professional team of air conditioner installers incorporate the latest equipment to get your new unit up and running in any residential or commercial environment.

When installing Airconditioning to a new home we can work with your builder and you determining all the best locations for the internal units to maximise their effectiveness, to save your money in running costs.

Installing a ducted unit will necessitate thoughtful considerations to any openings and the effective selections and installs of the ducts to eliminate any loss of cooling capacity.

We can provide all the electricals needed and we have the expertise to handle any specialized installs that may be necessary.

When up-grading your old unit we can work with you to ensure the correct placement of both the indoor/outdoor, console or even ceiling mounted air conditioners, once again to maximise their capability and effectiveness in coping with the North’s extreme heat and humidity.

Our installation work will exceed your expectations. We understand the vital role Airconditioning units play in providing comfort for your home or place of business. We also believe that each unit type suits different commercial and industrial properties.

Our team of experts will not only install the units and the ducting as necessary, do the pipe work, install the gas and provide all electrical services they will leave your premise in its pristine condition.

Our experienced installers can provide advice on any HVAC system. At Coral Coast our dedicated service and installation technicians to carry out work to all brands and various applications. Our crew of professionals possesses proper training and knowledge on HVAC systems and repairs, guaranteeing projects of high quality and efficiency.

Thanks to the professionalism of Coral Coast, all new or existing installation projects, either residential or commercial are fully completed on time and on budget…and that makes good economic sense

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Coral Coast Airconditioning and Refrigeration specialise in any residential and commercial installations, repairs and maintenance work. We specialize in commercial fit out to any new or existing building project.



Refrigeration is paramount. Resort, hotels, restaurant, supermarket, convenience store, hotel, sports club member and more… you need to consider the successful operation of keeping your items cold



We are highly experienced in designing and delivering projects ranging from luxury homes to shopping centres, corporate office, multi-unit high-rise developments, hotels, restaurants, resorts along with all schools, TAFE and universities.


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